22 Oct 2016

V8 Restored

At the 150th anniversary of the Fire Service all the engines were out on display for the little kids and not so little kids

1934 Ford V8 beautifully restored from the Urenui Fire Brigade

Fire Service

Fire Service
drawn by Patricia

15 Oct 2016

Gables lying down

Just to get a different perspective and avoid the keen wind, I lay down on the footpath and drew the Gables.  I was very toasty, with the breeze whizzing overhead.

14 Oct 2016

Taranaki Seaside Market

The first Sunday of every month at Ngamotu Beach is the Seaside Market. Although there's lots of stuff for sale, I usually just go down for the food. Although last week, I went down for the sketch and the mild sunburn. I guess summer's coming!

9 Oct 2016

Len Lye Centre, Govett Brewster Gallery , Monica's : NEW PLYMOUTH.

The re-furbished Govett Brewster Gallery and the Len Lye Centre have great exhibitions  which are fittingly matched by great service and coffee at Monica's. MLB

8 Oct 2016


A cool blustery day, and parked up was a brand new 2016 Italian imported Moto Guzzi V7 Racer 750cc.  What a lot of hardware crafted together, complete with embossed leather strap down the tank and taped exhausts.

1 Oct 2016

Perepere and Paepae

Carving in front of a storehouse.  Found in a swamp.  Items in Puke Ariki museum.  This carving surprisingly has ears.

Paepae dug up from a local swamp in 1904.  The main speakers sit on these carved front benches at the threshold of a meeting house.

28 Sep 2016

2011 Dodge Challenger at Port Taranaki

Late afternoon sun on a car parked down near the breakwater at low tide. The days are starting to get longer now.

27 Sep 2016


Here's a sketch of a 150-year old creepy looking tree. The hotel, where it's at, was somewhat built around it to keep it. It's actually a NZ Registered Notable Tree although when it was listed the site was still a church property.

24 Sep 2016

The Million dollar Ombu Tree.

A heritage protected Phytolacca dioica.We weren't sure if it was a million dollar tree because it cost a million dollars to preserve it while the hotel it is next to was being built, or because they would have been fined a million dollars if they cut it down. There are only three of these trees in New Zealand apparently. It is approximately 150 years old, 20 metres tall and 25 metres wide. You can't fit all of that tree onto one page!

 The challenge with this tree was it was so big and complicated you kept losing your place! And the rain...........of course.

Here are a few photos. Sepia seemed like a good idea.