16 Jan 2017

Masters Building Demolition

I had the day off, so I went into town to find something interesting to sketch. They were dismantling the Masters Building on Egmont Street. A lot of people stopped by to watch and some commented that they would miss that building. There's a lot of discussion about preserving the heritage buildings but most aren't earthquake safe. Some need saving but they need to be functional to make the idea realistic. It's maybe more important to make sure that the new buildings that replace these ones have a bit of style and character. It will help them stay occupied and not just be another box. All these older buildings that people love, used to be modern buildings that people love when they were first built.

7 Jan 2017

Tupare Gardens.

We were sketching at Tupare Gardens again today. I decided to carry on with my lamp idea and found this old Wall Lamp. Again I drew in pencil and then finished with watercolour. This time with a little bit of splattering to give texture to the old walls of the building. Construction of the building began in 1932 and finished in 1935.

Here is my sketch:

This is my previous Tupare Lamppost sketch:

The Funksters

A sheltered warm day at Tupare Garden Fair Market Day.

Very pleasant listening to The Funksters on the lawn.

I sketched these same guys a year or so ago

31 Dec 2016

Inglewood Columns

Here's another one from Inglewood. In between these columns is a view of people sweating while trying to finish off their Christmas shopping. We like to get ready for the holidays early, so I have lots of time to sketch the last-minute desperation.

15 Dec 2016

Colourize Project: Rangimarie Paritutu

Here's another from what I call my Colourize Project, which is taking previous sketches, usually going back to where I drew them, and giving them the watercolour treatment.
This is of the Rangimarie Arts & Crafts Centre with Paritutu in the background. This has been in the news lately since it is to be moved from the port area to allow for seaport expansion.

8 Dec 2016

Len Lye

After one year, it's still quite popular to take a selfie against the stainless steel walls on the Len Lye Centre.


The local government is using a few of my drawings to promote interest in a plan for the future of the region. One thing that was said was that I should get out of New Plymouth more and get the neighbouring towns. So I did a sketch of Inglewood and Waitara and they are being used too. I figure I could still do a few more in each place as well.

2 Dec 2016

Pukekura Park and the Boat shed

Saturday sketching in the Park- always a very pleasant place to be . This view across from the path  that leads to the Bowl of Brooklands covers  the Boat Shed and the smaller of the two bridges .MLB

1 Dec 2016

Colourize Project: Chaos Cafe

If I have the time I've started to add watercolour to sketches. Some of my older ones are getting the colour treatment too.

26 Nov 2016

Pukekura Park

An unforecasted warm afternoon in the park, not a parking spot to be found owing to the huge Tattoo Festival being held at the nearby TSB Stadium