22 Feb 2017

Shade at Gentlemen's Quarters

Intriguing to see Mt Taranaki appear on the back of a boy's head, and various korus along the side of his 'shade'. Jetcharm Barbers shop and Gentlemen's Quarters is where you can buy a coffee and sit in their outside seats or view their tiny boutique gallery.

16 Feb 2017

Bus Station Primping

On the left here is the New Plymouth Bus Station. While I was sketching, saw a bunch of people arrive on a bus. The last guy out seemed to be sorting out something in his bags for some time. After the bus and other passengers had gone, he stood up and adjusted his backwards-worn cap in a slightly reflective glass door. Front. Side. Tilt head up. No way. All wrong. Cap off. Get the knitted winter hat out. (It's summer.) Front. Side. Smiley head shake. Still no. Back to the cap. Still backwards. Maybe push it a bit forward though. Side. Point at yourself in the reflection. Yeah. Now it's doing it. Awesome. Where's that hostel?

14 Feb 2017

2 Feb 2017


I was at the Stratford Aero Club's Open Day in central Taranaki on the weekend. Just after we got there, a Spitfire arrived from just off the horizon. The pilot did some close fly-bys and tilted the wings for the cameras. I've heard fighter planes before and this one didn't have a usual deep rumble that a grunty aircraft engine would make. It sounded like there was still a lot of power there but not as loud as I expected. I've read about the Spitfires and they were quite renowned for their performance in the skies. It seemed very classy (and stealthy?) to be 'that kind of fighter plane' and yet have this nice purring engine. These are great planes!
After it landed, and parked on the airfield I started to sketch. I overheard someone say to another enthusiast that this particular Spitfire was a seven-eighth size replica with a V8 engine. 
I just kept drawing...

29 Jan 2017

World Sketch Day - Stratford Air Show

The classic Spitfire and its close US cousin the Mustang at the air show . Well done to the Stratford Aero Club for a most enjoyable day.  MLB

28 Jan 2017

Stratford Aerodrome Open Day.

Today was Worldwide Sketchcrawl Day. Brian had the great idea of going down to the Stratford Aerodrome which was having an open day. There was plenty to see, and too much to sketch!
The open day went most of the day, so we were a bit staggered in getting there, (hence no group photos), but I'm sure we all enjoyed the challenge of sketching aircraft. There were plenty of big planes and a good display of model aircraft as well. I sketched one of each.

Here is my first sketch of a real plane:

Sonerai SS.
Pencil and watercolour.

And my second sketch of a model aircraft:

Stinson Reliant.
Pencil and colour pencil.

Stratford Aerodrome Open Day.

Here are some photos:

 Model aircraft:

 Mount Taranaki and the Spitfire arriving:

Aerobatic demonstration:

Stratford Air Show

25 Jan 2017

That palm tree

There's lots of wind and rain this summer. So far I haven't been that productive. When I get like this I just draw our palm tree that I see from my desk. I've drawn it about five years ago (included here) and I'm surprised that I can see how much it's grown just by looking at the two drawings. It's hard to notice when you see it everyday. About two years ago I did a watercolour and that's included in this set too.