20 Jun 2017

Walking and Sketching.

I decided today, (because it was such a nice day), that if I'm going out walking and the weather is good enough, I should carry my sketch gear on my back! That is what I did today. I walked 7.8km and stopped for a quick sketch of the Waitara River-mouth on the way.

Here is my sketch:

That was time well spent, plus I saw plenty of future sketching spots along the way.

17th June 2017. The View from Churchill Heights.

Saturday was a beautiful fine winter's day. Sun, not too hot and no wind. A perfect day for sketching. We went up Churchill Heights which has views of the city and the mountain. I planned to sketch the mountain, but it was under cloud, so I did the view out to the Port Taranaki and the Tasman Sea instead.

Here is my sketch:

12 Jun 2017

Ponsonby, Auckland and airports

We've had a couple of trips to Auckland lately. There wasn't really much time for sketching other than at the airport. One morning though, I decided to get up just before dawn to get another drawing in. The previous evening, I noticed this one building had a nice glow from the signs, lights and interior lighting that disappeared during the day.

7 Jun 2017

Colourize Project: Security Pipe

The marina off the breakwater at Port Taranaki has a weird gate that seems to be a large steel pipe with a door cut into it. Here's the colour version of a sketch from a few years ago.

28 May 2017

Colourize Project: Blagdon Hill

More rain!.. So I'm dusting off some old sketches again and giving them the colour treatment. This one is from the hill in Blagdon. It's a patch of steep farmland surrounded by houses. The local New Plymouth station, Access Radio Taranaki, broadcasts from the top and they have great sea views from up there.

22 May 2017

Port Taranaki

The other day I was biking around the port area, looking for something to draw. I noticed a road sign that said 'Port View Crescent'. I've never been there before but with a name like that I went up the road hoping for a good view. Not much yet so I turned off a side street and had a nice open vista over Port Taranaki. Actually, between the end of a driveway and the start of an open grassy strip there was a park bench. I'm not sure who's it was but it overlooked the port and was out of the sun and under a tree. So if someone's reading this and noticed, "Hey... that's my bench", I hope you don't mind and thanks for putting it there!

19 May 2017

13th May 2013 Pukekura Park Fernery.

Last Saturday was a cold windy day, threatening to rain at times. We took refuge in the Fernery at Pukekura Park.

Here is my sketch:

I decided to try my Inktense Pencils and drew this Orchid.

11 May 2017

New Plymouth ANZAC Day 2017

I've been out sketching other things since it's actually been pretty dry lately, however here is my finished ANZAC Day dawn ceremony sketch. As you can see I've made most of it way darker. The areas that you had seen in my previous progress pic are sort of visual notes reminding me that these are the really dark areas. This allows me to do a reasonably detailed sketch of something that is only there for a short period of time. This is my third ANZAC sketch, three years in a row. I didn't plan on coming out to do another one this year, but my sketch from last year was chosen to be in an art show in New Plymouth (running from June to November). This sort of motivated me to try it again. I don't think I will do a fourth any year soon but I'm happy with three; they look good together.

30 Apr 2017

Tupare Light.

Last year we went to Tupare to sketch. I sat in the sun and did a pencil drawing of one of their lampposts. Then I had a play with watercolour. I liked the sketch, but I thought I could do better with the colours in the background. I have been fiddling about with this sketch for a while. Yesterday was pouring rain and not fit for sketching. I decided to finish my new version of my sketch. I love the effect of letting the watercolour run and look like the painting is melting off the paper.

Here it is:

29 Apr 2017

Making time for fries

I've been busy this month with lots of extra jobs. As a result, I haven't made time for sketching. One day, I did have some extra time when I was in town and saw a sign that said "Curly French Fries". Oh, aggressive marketing... you win again! So I sat at a table with a street view and did this one.